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Malice Bio by ridleysghost Malice Bio :iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 13 30
Nokrarian Infection
Day 1
City: Little Oaks
Estimated Population: 78,930
Estimated Infection Percentage: 3%
Current Course Of Action: Observe and Analyze
     It was a cold November day in the leaf littered forest near a bustling town in Wisconsin, the wind was blowing a mighty chill that would keep most people in their houses, all but one hunter. The hunter was a man in his early forties, wearing an assortment of cameo clothes, a bright orange vest and a hunter's cap. His chin fuzz added to the already gruff appearance he was sporting while he carried a typical hunting rifle around with him. His breath was barely visible in the frosty air, his brown eyes filled with concern as he scanned the surrounding area for any prey. But alas, for the past three months, these forests had been eerily silent, as if all the animals had vanished overnight. Something about this licked Mark in the wrong kind of way, even though winter hadn't started yet, he should still hear some of the birds maki
:iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 1 11
Mini Story Contest
     The room was poorly lit with a singular light that gently swayed back and forth, illuminating the room in all of it's murky splendor. A man was sitting on a wooden chair, splintered from lack of maintenance. He was a man in his late forties, his short hair was a filthy black mess of grease and dandruff. His limbs were restricted by steel cuffs and his face could barely be seen through his matted hair. Exhaustion and despair were plastered all over his gaunt blue eyes as he squinted intensely into the darkness beyond and was met by two glowing blue eyes, seething with violence. "My, my, what do we have here? Another willing participant in my little experiments? Don't worry, we'll have plenty of time to get acquainted first!" A metallic voice cackled with murderous glee, as the unseen menace moved in, the man could start to make out the rest of it's body. It wore a black hooded cloak that covered most of it's body aside from it's hands and face. It had rigid
:iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 1 9
Name: Edison Michael Bergsten
Age: 27
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 174 lbs
Personality: Prideful
Like: Winning
Dislikes: Losing
Shift: Put's sunglasses over his eyes
Pre Great Shift: Edison lived the life of luxury and success, everything was practically given to him on hand and foot. But his parents were rather shred people, being all about business, they pushed Edison away from any chance of a normal life he might have had, making him all about work and no play. He graduated from high school at an early age and got into a prestigious college, where his self esteem went into overdrive, making him incredibly cocky and confident in his abilities, as well as extremely snide. After "dethroning" his parents and taking over their business, it seems like nothing could bring him down. This position of power only made him more prideful, making him see himself as above the law and other people, seeing them as expendable and could honestly care less if he fired a worker for being a second late after yea
:iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 1 9
Marko Daliento/Devastator
Name: Marko Daliento
Age: 37
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 196 lbs
Character: Bitter
Likes: Information
Hates: His associates and being cheated
Shift: Pulls out his fake eye and crushes it in his hand
Pre Great Shift: Marko used to be a soldier and expert computer hacker with a starving curiosity for information. Anything people kept in a computer wasn't safe from his prying eyes and soon caught the attention of rival nations, desperate for his services. His gluttonous appetite for the greatest of information got the better of him. He soon betrayed his country and went incognito, becoming a rogue information broker. He had no allegiances other than to himself and soon had his own little group going, making no friends and many enemies, most nations would have paid to see his head go on a platter due to the "delicate" information he had collected. One of his last deals was a setup and ended up costing his right eye, something he holds a bitter grudge to these days and refuses to let himself grow
:iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 3 7
Name: Jeremiah "Spitfire" Marot
Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 210 lbs
Character: Psychotic
Likes: Pranks
Dislikes: Morality
Shift: stabs himself in the forehead with a knife
Pre Great Shift: Jeremiah was a trickster ever since he was a wee lad, causing untold amounts of mischief and destruction, much to the ire of his family. By the time he was a teenager, he got kicked out of his house and town. Even being homeless and without a job, he never really grew up, often acting childish and playing on the guilty feelings of richer people, who he often called "suckers" so he could mooch off them. By the time he became an adult, he was an accomplished con artist and prankster who felt like he was free to do whatever he whimmed in the world. Eventually the law caught up with him and put his ass in jail, where he was to answer for his various crimes. Before he could get to his hearing, he managed to escape and became a fugitive. The Great Shift happened while the law was on his tail and the year
:iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 3 39
Name: Tetrodyne
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: Unknown "presumed to be 27"
Height: 7'8"
Weight: 210lbs
Clan Affiliation: HYPE
Rank: Brigade
Codename: Unknown Intent
Physical Description: He is a rather tall and lanky fellow with emaciation written all over his body, this coupled with his bloodshot blue eyes, pale skin color and brittle brown hair has given him a rather sickly look. He has a built in respirator with two hoses that plug into his back and are directly connected with his lungs. He wears a heavy hooded black raincoat with black cameo pants and military boots. Since he wears a respirator over his face, he has the HYPE insignia branded onto his mask.
Personality: Tetrodyne is twitchy, irritable and a bit batty nuggets so to speak. He loves watching people suffer and die as it has a bit of an addicting effect on him and will usually go out of his way to murder civilians just to get that feeling back. His thrist of blood is so great that he often pumps himself full of sedativ
:iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 2 24
Vengeance Chronicles 13
    A man stood by himself in what looked like a large conference room, the dimly lit lights matched the amount of depression he was feeling. He was in his late fifties, old age was starting to take hold of his body, his once shiny black hair dulled and showing hints of grey, his face had wrinkles forming all over his face, his body ached and groaned merely from being awake. He was adorned in a military uniform of high ranking, apparently a colonel from the medals and badges that adorned his chest. He sat by at the end of the table, a small glass of wine to his right that had been used several times within the hour alone, the slight buzz in his head was being blocked out by the feeling of dread that was swelling up in his gut as he stared back down at the letter laying before him. The depression that clouded his mind worsened every time he read the letter, like some sort of tangible being that mocked him and everything he had been striving for these last five years.
:iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 4 17
The Road
     There was a road, it curved and twisted, snaking it's way though the trees while a heavy fog obscured everything, making it difficult for anybody to see anything more than a few feet ahead of them. There was a bright light dimly illuminating it's way through the thick mist like a firefly that lost it's way in the woods. It was a small blue car, a Opel Corsa to be precise, making it's way steadily through the curving path with a cautious approach. The driver inside was a young women in her early twenties, her long blonde hair was tied up in a simple ponytail and wore a black shirt that had lol spelled out in big bold white words. Her name was Steff and she was a bit of a tomboy, she had trouble seeing through this annoying mist and cussed to herself in German for getting lost on this old country road in the first place as the dirt road caused her tiny car to bump up and down like some sort of hyperactive kid, causing the unfortunate driver inside to be jost
:iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 5 17
Vengeance Chronicles Commander Bios
The Violent Abomination
Name: Malice
Age: 350,000
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 8000 lbs
Sex: Male
Element: Ice
Powers and Skills: Can manipulate ice, cryokinesis, lower temperatures, incredibly durable, super strength, can use the reflection from ice as a portal, cunning and creative in fights, can gain the memories of others through consumption of a personal item or body part, invoke murderous feelings in others and his teeth and claws are extremely sharp.
Personality: Malice is sadistic and enjoys the pain or anger he inflicts on others, to him, having someone else want to cut your guts out is the ultimate compliment. Malice is naive when it comes to understanding good and evil, only evil exists and he finds nothing wrong in engaging in acts of wrong doing. If one has the power to either save a civilization or enslave them, Malice would always go for the enslaving option. He has no feelings of guilt or empathy since he literally cannot feel them and tends to either become confused or annoyed
:iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 2 36
AFL5 Gift
     There was a world that existed between worlds where the normal laws of physics or reality itself no longer applied, rocks the size of continents would always float about in a lazy manner, either staying in one place indefinitely or slowly moving to some unknown destination. The sky was a deep purple in color, but yet, the sky was everywhere, no matter how far up one person would go, there would be no end in sight. It was an endless violet abyss whose stability was unstable to say the least, other worlds would often tear a hole into this dimension through portals. Rifts in dimensions that would sometimes have denizens from other realities find themselves suddenly sucked into this forsaken place. One such being was patrolling the edge of one of the floating continents, looking for some way to escape this endless prison, it's name was Irony, the deity of irony as it's name would suggest. It had a simplistic humanoid body, but it appeared to be made of a blue
:iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 2 8
Vengeance Chronicles 12
     Malice was watching the progress of the fighters, there were twenty teams of three people in the maze and five of the groups were already slaughtered by his rampaging pets. One group in particular had fallen to a personal favorite of his, he dubbed them Bone snatchers due to their voracious appetite for high amounts of calcium or bones to be more specific. Dark Malice pressed a button on the holoscreen to get a closer look on his precious little B.O.W's. It had a humanoid shape, but the similarities end there, it had a wiry body with a lanky and slender frame, it's yellow eyes with snake like irises and pupils showed off a cunning and animalistic intelligence. But the odd thing about this creature was that it looked like it was skinned alive, it's sinewy muscles were a dark red with black blood constantly dripping off of it's body. Part's of it's skeleton were also exposed, mostly it's skull, hand and feet, giving it the impression that someone had turned
:iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 3 11
Vengeance Chronicles 11
     It was a dark room with a simple cubical design, there was no furniture of any kind and it's lifeless steel walls were chilling to the touch, there was no light of any kind and the darkness emulated the feeling of hopelessness from the room's single resident. The lone figure stirred as the room started to shake and shudder as a hatch suddenly opened, blinding the room's resident temporarily as his eyes adjusted to it. "You have five minutes to get yourself up dog!" a inhuman voice barked, it's voice filled with contempt and yet eagerness at the same time. Water suddenly splashes on the metal room's resident, it stands up and spits, trying to get the water out of it's eye. "Dammit, I'm up already you assholes!" The voice outside merely chuckles at it's own ruse as the hatch get's slammed shut again, sending the room back into utter darkness. As the figure tried to steady itself on it's feet, the room vibrated as the energy of motion swept through it's hollo
:iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 3 20
AFL 5 Fight 1: VS. Kaira by ridleysghost AFL 5 Fight 1: VS. Kaira :iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 7 51 AFL5 Virulent Intro by ridleysghost AFL5 Virulent Intro :iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 16 63 AngelCrusher the Second by ridleysghost AngelCrusher the Second :iconridleysghost:ridleysghost 18 14


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Insanity vs Sanity :Comm: :iconkazigama:Kazigama 14 1
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Which is more selfish? A man who never gives or a man who always takes?

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