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Day 1
City: Little Oaks
Estimated Population: 78,930
Estimated Infection Percentage: 3%
Current Course Of Action: Observe and Analyze

     It was a cold November day in the leaf littered forest near a bustling town in Wisconsin, the wind was blowing a mighty chill that would keep most people in their houses, all but one hunter. The hunter was a man in his early forties, wearing an assortment of cameo clothes, a bright orange vest and a hunter's cap. His chin fuzz added to the already gruff appearance he was sporting while he carried a typical hunting rifle around with him. His breath was barely visible in the frosty air, his brown eyes filled with concern as he scanned the surrounding area for any prey. But alas, for the past three months, these forests had been eerily silent, as if all the animals had vanished overnight. Something about this licked Mark in the wrong kind of way, even though winter hadn't started yet, he should still hear some of the birds making their annual calls during this time of the morning, but nothing, not even a peep. As he made his way further into the forest, only the sound of the leaves being crushed under his boot and his nervous breathing was all that could be heard, the uneasy feeling of something bad was slowly creeping up his spine, he didn't know what it was, but he could just feel it.

     Suddenly he stopped as he saw movement ahead of him, he ducked and put his eye into the sights of his rifle, preparing for whatever he was going to encounter. As his stomach growled with hunger, he couldn't help but think what little woodland creature it was, he hoped it was a deer, been a while since he's had one of those before. As he waited with eager intent, it was indeed a deer that stumbled into his range of vision, it seemed to be a young buck by the looks of it too. But something looked wrong about it, it stumbled with clumsy grace, it's body swaying back and forth as it could hardly keep it's footing, it's eyes glazed and milky. It was probably injured Mark told himself, but his opinion quickly changed as it turned around and gave him a full view of it's body. There was some sort of fleshy object protruding from the right side of it's body. It pulsated and squirmed and was getting larger by the second from the looks of it. Mark made a face of disgust, that thing looked contagious, no way he was going to eat that deer, let alone keep it as a trophy. Mark figured it was the humane thing to put the poor fellow out of it's misery and pulled the trigger.

     The rifle let out a bang as the bullet shot out of the barrel and zipped through the trees, reaching it's intended target and drilling through the head of the deer, exiting out of the other side as grey matter and blood splattered all over the nearby area. The animal's body went limp like a ragdoll as it fell onto it's side, it was dead before it even realized it. Mark's mind was plagued with curiosity as he pondered what had happened to that deer and decided to take a closer look, despite the bad feeling that was scratching at the back of his head like an angry wasp. He got out of cover and gradually made his way down the gradual slope, making sure not to trip on the way down. As he approached the deer corpse, the feeling of dread started to wash over him as he got a good look at that fleshy lump from before, but it looked like a very fat mutated leech by the looks of it. It skin was human flesh in coloration, it's six red eyes seemed to stare back at Mark as it's mouth was anchored into the body of the now deceased deer. It pulsated and contracted, making Mark feel like he wanted to grab the fat sucker and stomp it under the heel of his boot.

     As he got closer, the mutant leech suddenly let go off it's host and let out a high pitched shriek before lunging at Mark. It flew at him like some sort of deranged worm and before he could have time to react, it latched onto his neck, introducing the poor man to a new type of pain he never felt before as it racked his body with pure and sudden agony. He tried to keep his balance but feel backwards and hit his head against the tree, making him unconscious and sparing him the horrors of what was about to occur to him. His mind drifted away, but all he could remember about in his concussion induced dream was something dark and sinister, digging into his brain with it's tendrils, grasping at anything it could take a hold of as he was powerless to stop it. The unseen horror then turned it's gaze upon him, it's dark tentacles wrapped around the helpless man and let out a bellow of victory.

     The hunter woke up from his dream, his head was aching, his body felt strange, like it was pulsating with something vile. It was now night, so he couldn't see anything at all in the poor visability, though he could see enough to tell that something looked wrong with his body as his right hand looked like claws were sprouting out of where his fingers should be. His body wasn't responding, like someone had turned the off switch on his body. Tried as he might, his body refused to budge an inch as it laid there like a useless lump of meat. Suddenly his right arm jerked forward, as if it had a mind of it's own, twitching sporadically as it flailed wildly side to side. His body ached with pain as his renegade limb continued it's unusual dance, until it suddenly stopped. It slowly raised itself up and clenched it's fist, like somebody adjusting to a new part of their body. It was only then that he knew that something was controlling him as he felt something crawling inside his mind, pulling the strings as the rest of his body suddenly jerked up and walked forward. He didn't know what was happening but could do nothing but resign to his fate as whatever was manipulating his body was starting to get a hang of moving before walking ahead into the forest, the intended destination unknown at the time.

     As his body trudged through the woods, the hunter's mind wasn't sure what to make of his predicament, maybe he was dead or maybe this was some sort of drug induced dream. From the looks of it though, he knew this was very real and his mind was wracked with uncertainty as this unknown trek through the woods felt like hours had passed. AS his body continued forward in it's unrelenting march, the human could start to see lights, street lights to be more specific. Maybe now he could ask for help or get a better grasp of what's going on. He tried to yell for help as he drew closer to the area, but nothing seemed to come out but a small whisper at best. His lungs ached from this measly effort and his brain suddenly writhed in pain as whatever was controlling his body didn't like it. It probed his mind with it's darkened tendrils, creeping into the deepest corners of his mind as it wouldn't tolerate any hinderance in it's goals. The hunter didn't like this presence that had control over him as even his most sacred memories were violated right before his mind as this entity studied the memories, learning from them before discarding them like trash.

     The human was angered by this and tried to fight back, but the entity only seemed to chuckle with amusement as it mentally restrained him, it  cared little for what the human thought. As his body wandered into the street, he noticed there was a huamn female walking on the other side of the street, apparently in a rush as she speed walked her way down the sidewalk. He tried to call for help, but the only thing that came out was a feral growl as his body suddenly dashed towards the women at a speed he thought his body wasn't capable or any human for that matter as he saw a flash of what looked like claws coming from his right hand. The woman turned just in time to see the man barreling down on her, giving her little time to scream as her throat was suddenly ripped out with the man's claws. She quickly fell back onto the ground as she grabbed her neck, which was bleeding profuriously as her blood quickly flowed out of her like a river. Choking on her own crimson sweat, she could only watch with faltering eyes as her assailant loomed over her before bringing his claw to bear.

     He proceeded to savagely tear into her face with his sharpened claws, gouging out her eyes in a spectacle of gore and viscera as he flayed her skin off, strands of muscle and flecks of blood sprayed over her body in a ruby glow as she was barely staying alive, though her weakened spirit was already being extinguished from this ruthless onslaught. As her last breath past through her lips, the hunter's body suddenly stopped clawing. What it did next horrified the hunter as his body suddenly slumped down next to the now deceased female and began to rip of huge chunks of meat from her body before slurping it down like an animal. The man wanted to puke, it was like he was watching a horror movie, only to find out he was the monster, he could feel the still steaming piles of meat squirm inside his mouth before gulping it down with gluttenous enthusiasm as blood was smeared all over his face. As his body continued to dine on it's gruesome meal, another light appeared behind him, only it was red and blue, he instinctively knew that the police had arrived and would gladly welcome being put out of his misery if it would mean he would no longer kill anybody else.

     The police car, which was speeding towards this horrendous scene, came to a screeching halt as two police officers opened their doors and had their pistols ready on the murderous being that stood before them. As the hunter's body turned around to face the bold humans, he finally saw what had really become of him. His body had become distorted in the most hideous of manners, the skin on his body had started to peeled off in several areas, exposing sinewy muscle. Flesh colored tendrils whipped back and forth out of several areas of his body, some of those areas had what looked like toothy maws growing over them, their sharp teeth gnashing as they craved to put more warm flesh between their jaws, their wormlike tongues whipping back and forth in bestial protest. His hands and feet had deformed into savage claws, the serrated bone sticking out of his limbs look like they could carve through meat with relative ease, though his left arm was more 'developed' than his right as it seemed more elongated and less deformed, though his thumb no longer existed. His mouth had become a grinning maw filled with razor sharp teeth, not to mention that one of those additional mouths was growing over where his left eye used to be though his right eye remained human. He looked like a walking meat body with one too many mouths, though the cops in front of him were hesitant to do anything as all they saw was a monster before their eyes.

     With his remaining human eye, he looked at the police officiers with a look of desperation, he wanted them to put him out of his misery, at the same time, the entity that controlled him merely mocked it's host with it's bellows as he suddenly found himself dashing at the lawmen, ready to rip them to bloody pieces. The officers, though startled at first, managed to steady their firearms as they opened fire several times, ripping into the former human's flesh as the projectiles drilled their way straight through him. But it only made him jerk to the side only as the entity controlling him seemed to spit at this pain with annoyance. It lept over the car and onto one of the defending police, knocking him down with it's weight as it raised it's left hand, bringing it's claws down on the man and impaling his head, killing him instantly. The other officier saw this and started to back away a few steps before running away in fear, running as fast as his legs could carry him.

     The being seemed to welcome a small chase as it let out a savage roar before pursuing it's target. Before the human had any time to realize it, the monster was upon him as he was knocked down onto the hard asphalt road. The lawman tried to squirm away from his assailant, only to be dragged back as the monster had a firm hold of one of his legs. The grinning beast dug it's claws into the man's flesh with grim enthusiasm. Keeping the human pinned to the ground with one of it's feet in a vicelike grip, it started to pull on his leg. The human screamed in anguish as he felt his muscles and bones being stretched beyond their limits. The pant leg covering that specific leg ripped opened, soon followed suit by his skin as it snapped back, exposing the raw muscle as strands of it snapped and blood began to seep out before ripping out the limb completely. The man screamed in agony as he flailed about, desperate to escape the pain and the beast, a fool's goal at best. The bones that once connected snapped and fragmented as the leg was torn off, the severed artery and veins pumped out blood at an insane rate, unable to realize how useless this rudimentry function was now was the blood pooled onto the road. As the human's struggle became weaker, the creature focused on the other leg, it seemed to be playing with the human much like how a cat plays with a mouse. Grabbing the other limb, it started to pull again, the human, though still screaming with all his might was quickly losing his strength as the same morbid process was repeated. The man's harsh screeches were soon reduced to mere wimpers as he now lacked both of his legs, too tired to care that he was dying in his own life stream, he closed his eyes and submitted himself to the beast's will as his final will for survival faded away along with his heartbeat.

     The creature looked upset, it wanted to make it's prey suffer more, but saw no use in mangling a now departed human. Flipping the body on it's back, the monster  pressed one of it's claws against the corpse's belly, digging all the way through, it slid it's finger back gently, yet quickly as the skin split open and the human's intestines spilled out. Smiling with brutal satisfaction, it gorged itself on the man's guts, slurping heavily as strands of meat became stuck between it's teeth. As it continued to stuff itself full of man flesh, it failed to notice a figure approaching silently behind it until it's shadow loomed over the creature. Finally noticing this unseen vistor, it casually turned it's head, expecting another easy meal, all it saw was a flash of steel and then.......... nothing.

     The horrid being that was once a human simply stood there on the spot, it's face stuck in a rather dumbfounded expression, like it was frozen in time. A small vertical line appeared on it's forehead before heading down south to the rest of it's body, it only took a second then for it's body to suddenly and violently split in half vertically in a glorious spectacle of gore and viscera. It's two parts floped around uslessly, trying to remain alive, but it's killer stood before it as it uslessly flailed around. The being was a women, a rather tall one at that as she loomed over her prey with hazy green eyes. She was completely covered in bandages aside from her mouth, eyes, hands and feet, giving her the appearance of a mummy, aside from the tan fedora hat that adorned her head. The headwear was tilted at a rather odd angle, covering the upper right corner of her face, she smiled, her teeth sharp and serrated as they did not belong to that of a normal humam, neither did her long snakelike tongue that floped out and tasted the air with wicked enthusiasm. Her nails looked more like pointed daggers and she carried what looked like a swiss longsword, still painted in the blood of her vanquished enemy as it dripped off the point of the blade, slowly, yet merticulously. Her skin was plae white, yet flawless and her shoulder length hair was completely white and a bit on the messy side.

     As the split creature floped around, she planted her foot firmly on one of it's part's, keeping it firmly pressed under her heel as she pulled out a lighter and a cigar, Lighting it up, she placed the cigar between her teeth as she gave an insidious grin, smoking flowing out of her mouth. "Heh, I like killing these things cuse they just don't know when to quit!" She said smugly, her voice was rough and raspy, like she had a severe sore throat and lung cancer all at once. She liked the feel of the creature squirming under her feet, it gave her satisfaction, until a presence all to familiar to her made itself known. "Oh come now Virulent, this is just but one of many! Soon these creatures will flock all over this planet and there's nothing the humans can do to stop it!" An unknown voice cackled insidiously, though Virulent only seems to glance at this entity with minor annoyance. The shadows seemed to condense near her until they formed a more coherent form. It looked like a floating black torso with beady red eyes and a toothy grin that could give chills to even the most iron willed of people. It had a rather skeletal and inhuman look to it as darkness seemed to coil and wrap around it. The shadow spirit seemed to smirk at Virulent, like it was trying to taunt her in a playful manner. It's voice was sinister and cold, yet sounded as smooth as honey as it's long black and white stripped tongue flopped between it's teeth, making a face at the undead woman.

     "I have to ask though Xuelota, why on Earth did you drag me out to this craphole of human society? So there's another monster surfacing to threaten all of mankind, big freaking deal! I just don't want them snatching up all the babies, their quite delicious and hard to come by if you haven't noticed." The female undead snarled with annoyance, though this only served to amuse the shadow wraith even more as he did nothing to hide his enjoyment. But his face quickly changed into irritation as he noticed Virulent casually chewing on one of the human victims that was slaughtered by the creature from earlier. "Good grief woman! Is eating all you ever think about?" Virulent didn't really seemed to pay much attention to Xuelota's scalding comment. "Screw you, I'm hungry and there's perfectly good meat going to waste." She said between mouthfulls of meat. "It be a real crime if nobody liberated any of those kidneys, it's a crime I tells ya!" Virulent said nonchalantly as she continued to enjoy her manwich, despite the ghost's protest. Xuelota merely shrugged his shoulders and looked at the city below the hill the road was based on. "If our species is going to get along with these freaks, then we need to ensure we need to stay on their good side.................. Virulent? "He quickly turns and notices that Virulent was already heading towards the city, resting her sword on her right shoulder while she uses her free hand to finish off her meal. "Dammit Virulent, where are you going now?!" Xuelota yelled in protest. "I'm going to kill me some humans and freaks, feel free to tag along if you want." She said plainly as she continued her trek towards her intended target. The phantom merely sighed with annoyance as he choose to follow her, against his better judgement.
Well it's been quite some time, TOO LONG I would say since I did a proper story bit. But surely all is forgiven............ right? "hides behind a bullet proof glass."

But anyway, the reason for this bit is due to the fact that I simply love those little parasitic critters that :icondrakithu: came up with, so I thought why not write about it. It was good motivation to get my lazy ass back into gear again! Also a good excuse to write Virulent for the first time. :iconnotimpressedplz:

So anyway, I hope you people enjoy it, though I would prefer a comment so you can tell me your opinion on it and whatnot. Also, John, if you find this to be insulting in any way to your characters, then I shall delete this immediately!

I may do a continuation of this, depending on how well recieved it is. :D

Xuelota and the Nokrarians belong to :icondrakithu:
Virulent and everything else belongs to me
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BandanaBlue Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow. That was bloody. It was pretty tragic that the hunter guy had to watch everything and could do nothing. But it seems like this was pretty well written. I always find it intriguing how well you describe things. I need to take details into consideration more myself. Keep up the good work!
ridleysghost Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Ha, I shall!
kritken Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012
haha not bad, I like how the hunter still reatined his mind but could do nothing agaist the paracite, nicely done it's good to see your stories again
Drakithu Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012
Haha, so this is what you mentioned about!

You did a great job of writing the savage, merciless nature of these beasties! Not to mention these critters are meant to be pretty darn messy in hunting and you've managed to portray it much better than what I could come up with in my head xD. You also have quite the eye in detail when writing!

However, there's only a tid bit of things that are a little bit wrong, but mostly it's my fault for not really explaining these critters! Mainly it's just me being nit picky :/. First off, I can tell the Nokrarian critter you've used is the "Blood Leech" They are called Blood Leeches because not only do they feed on blood, but they are always blood red in color. Also Nokrarians in general (unless with a host or highly evolved) don't have eyes, instead they got a pale-greenish sensory membrane. Oh and the other thing, Xuelota seems to be a little bit out of character.

Other than that, it's an awesome story! Thank you for using my critter! :la:
ridleysghost Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, sorry I couldn't portray Xuelota's personality better nor the physical description of the Nokrarian, but I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway. :D
Drakithu Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012
Well I'm just honored you'd write a story about my beasties xD
ridleysghost Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Heh, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Drakithu Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
I'm glad I enjoyed it too! :iconheplz:
johnnywhoa Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
My biggest issue with this is the grammar and spelling. You really need to look this over again and check it out. More than a few times you used "their" instead of "they're" and often time you use words that make sentences redundant. Just a lot of minor little things. Other than that, though, an interesting piece.
ridleysghost Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Also I seriously need to get Microsoft Word or at least something that can point out my grammer and spelling mistakes
ridleysghost Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Heh, thanks, I really need to go over it, guess I did rush it a bit. ^^;
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